EACH YEAR, dozens of students survive and thrive in Trouin because of the kindness of their friends in the United States, people just like you.

Please consider a gift to FOPH. 100% of all money raised goes directly toward the needs of our Haitian friends. 

Friends of the People of Haiti

OUR SPONSOR A CHILD PROGRAM (SAC) focuses on students of the parish who are in great need. The cost of $160 per year provided by the sponsors helps with tuition, uniform and school supplies with a little left over for food for the family and oil for the lamp to enable homework. 

During the annual mission trips, great effort is made to meet each student in the program, and encourage them in their studies. as well as take their pictures and have them write a short note to their sponsors. We ask sponsors to continue sponsorship of their student through the final Philo level (equivalent to grade 13 in US system).

Sponsor A Child Program